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Combination Ring Clutch

Chontan combination ring clutches supplied by China can be used to raise any sort of ring anchor that falls inside its load category. The clutch head is an all-cast piece that is particularly built not only to fit the erection anchor of its associated safe working load, but also to match the groove made by the equivalent capacity rubber former.

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Product Description

Ring Clutches are a manually operated coupler available in various load groups for use with Spread Anchors. The Ring Clutch is coupled to a corresponding Spread Anchor for the safe axial or angled lifting, turning or swiveling of precast concrete units.

Load Group

Load Range



















· Safety factor 5:1

Combination Ring Clutch Area of Application

The Combination Ring Clutch can be used for various applications that involve lifting and transporting precast concrete elements, such as beams, columns, walls, slabs, stairs, balconies, etc.

 The Combination Ring Clutch is designed to be compatible with only the pin anchors and recess formers of the same load group, which ensures safety and prevents mismatching. The Combination Ring Clutch is also tested and certified for its load capacity and quality.

Package of Combination Ring Clutch

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How to check and maintain the ring clutch and wire rope ring clutch?

To check and maintain the ring clutch and wire rope ring clutch, you should follow these steps:

· Before each use, inspect the ring clutch for any damage, wear or deformation. Check the cable and swage of the wire rope ring clutch for any corrosion, fraying or kinking.

· Make sure the curved bolt handle can rotate freely and lock securely onto the anchor. The handle should contact the panel surface when locked.

· Clean the ring clutch and wire rope ring clutch with a damp cloth after each use. Do not use any abrasive or corrosive substances that may damage the surface or affect the performance of the coupler.

· Store the ring clutch and wire rope ring clutch in a dry and well-ventilated place. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity or sunlight.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for the safe workload, lifting angle and safety factor of the ring clutch and wire rope ring clutch. Do not exceed the load capacity or use the coupler for any other purpose than intended.

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