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About Us

Chontan is a single source supplier of precast concrete accessories in China. Offers a wide variety of lifters and connectors suitable for all your precast needs.  Supporting the precast and prestress industries for over 20 years.

Products include lifting anchor, transport anchor, threaded lifting socket, insulated panel anchor, cast in channel, coil and ferrule loop inserts, cast-in loop,formwork and scaffolding applications, and so on.

Make the precast concrete transport and build in an efficient, faster and safer way.

Quality Control

Products are developed and testedfor every imaginable application, such as tensile machines, low temperature impact machines, metallographic structure analysis, and so on, for the necessary static and dynamic tests.

All the items are performed extremely intensive tests - some automatic, some manual - to ensure that none leave our works that do not meet our own highly critical safety and effectiveness standards.


All of the items are manufactured of high-quality materials from certified vendors. Before the first manufacturing operation, samples are taken and subjected to microscopy and hardness tests to analyze their structure, composition, and match with the needed values.

Inspection for dimensional

Products are firstly verified as they on the worktable to confirm that match the drawing dimensions. During production, special inspection tools are created to control the size.

Tensile test

Product is also performed to ensure safe use by from 30T to 300T universal tensile testers.

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